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However, vaginal and oral activities aside, why do some guys enjoy anal sex so much? Whatever your backdoor policy, men come a-knocking. Here's why Have a sex question or topic you'd like to know more about? Gemma. Messages You have no messages.

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We got women who fall on various parts of the anal sex spectrum to share exactly what it feels like during the act. I was just told that the man I'm interested in likes anal sex. Is this common behavior for heterosexual males? I can't seem to find any information. Many women wonder what it is with the male fascination with heterosexual anal sex.

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If I had a nickel for the number of times someone has approached me on the street, grabbed me by the shoulders, and shouted, "FRANK! Why do men love anal sex? Every guy I've dated has requested anal at some point, even to the point of begging. This experience seems to be. Anal sex used to be something that not many people spoke of.

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Science is currently trying to figure out why so-called prostate orgasms feel so intense—but, frankly, the why is unimportant. Do men really think of anal sex as the holy grail of bedroom activities? If you pay attention to pop culture, it certainly seems like it: Take that. Why do men love anal sex?

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Sex may be something that nearly everyone does, but the way each person prepares for it is not necessarily the same. 40 of the best anal sex stories and observations revealed from a Reddit thread on what butt sex is really like. From men that have anal sex with their wives. OK, here we go: This month's column is dedicated to anal play.

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Looking to add some kink into the bedroom? WHY ARE STRAIGHT MEN SO FIXATED ON ANAL SEX!?!" I wouldn't It's like the pumpkin spice latte of sex: a novelty treat! Hear me out. From men that have anal sex with their wives, to guys that try it early on in the dating session, these stories capture the essence of the sex act.

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JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. He might be like me and like anal because his sensations are entirely different up your Men who like sex, DO NOT want to cum right away. He explained that sides enjoy practically every sexual practice aside from anal penetration and choose to be sexually peripheral, so to speak, rather than on the top or the bottom.

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I cannot speak for most men, I can only speak for a few. I love anal sex. Giving a man or a woman anal sex is a very intimate and pleasurable.

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In my early teenage years my friend and I experimented with anal sex and I loved it but my friend didnt enjoy receiving it at all. So I became his.